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Overlooking the Sea of Japan, with magnificent cliffs and the ancient Onaru Tumulus tombs right nearby, Totoya is an inn where you can feast on Japanese cuisine made with plenty of fresh-caught fish and seafood, and experience the real Japan through programs such as joining fishermen on a fishing boat, dressing up in a kimono, and staying at a Japanese house (Ryugu-no-ie).


Mmm, that’s tasty!!
At Totoya, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our ingredients

At Totoya, one way we practice omotenashi (the traditional Japanese ethos of hospitality) is with the abundance and quality of our ingredients. Our expert chef prepares local Kyotango specialties you won’t find anywhere else with dynamism and delicate artistry. From spring to autumn, enjoy fresh locally caught fish and shellfish, vegetables and fruit. In winter, feast on the finest crabs chosen by the discerning eye of proprietor Ms. Ikeda, and scrumptious amberjack shabu-shabu (where paper-thin slices of fish held in your chopsticks cook in a moment in a bubbling hot broth).

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Why Taiza crabs are known as “legendary” snow crabs

Snow crabs are the most common variety of crab in the Kyotango region. When the season begins on November 6, crabs are caught around the nearby fishing port of Taiza, and because they inhabit plankton-rich waters near the shore, crabs with sweet, firm flesh are sold super-fresh right on the spot. That’s why their quality and taste are the stuff of legend.

Ms. Ikeda, the proprietor, selects the best crabs herself, and with her eagle eyes sharpened over many years of experience, you’re sure to savor the most sublime crab cuisine at Totoya.

Inn interior
Guest rooms

Have blue of sky and sea all to yourself

Outside the large windows is a panoramic natural vista––every guest room has a view of the Sea of Japan. There are only 10 rooms because we want to be able to treat each guest like family. The café and bar is another place where you can linger and enjoy the leisurely pace of life here.

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(natural hot spring baths)

Open-air natural hot spring baths where steam mingles with briny breezes

An onsen is a natural hot spring where you can enjoy bathing. The waters of Taiza Onsen are rich in colorless, transparent alkaloids, and if you just splash a little on yourself, you’ll feel your skin grow soft and smooth. In the open-air bath, immerse yourself in sounds of the four seasons––the chirping of birds, the sounds of insects, and in winter, the crashing waves of the Sea of Japan.

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Experiential programs

Experiences to enjoy during your stay

Kyotango is known as “Kyoto by the Sea,” and the sea surrounding it has some of the clearest waters in Japan. These waters flow down from the mountains, nurture human communities, and produce abundant food. Totoya’s “experiential programs,” where you experience the lifestyles and culture fostered by this marvelous environment by exploring the sea, mountains, community, and cuisine, are gaining popularity as a new way to enjoy Kyotango to the fullest. In addition to feasting on scrumptious food, feed your mind and spirit with a range of unforgettable experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Pick up

Venture into Kyotango’s mysteries!Explore the Love Grotto and Blue Grotto.

Local lore says that the Love Grotto and Blue Grotto deepen couples’ love.

Local lore says that the Love Grotto and
Blue Grotto deepen couples’ love.

Love Grotto and Blue Grotto Exploration

The beautiful sea off Kyotango is compared to the Mediterranean. You’ll be bewitched by the transparent blue waters of the Blue Grotto and charmed by the Love Grotto, with its naturally occurring heart-shaped rock! The program is also popular for its guide, a fisherman whose love for the Kyotango sea is as deep as the ocean.

Period offered
Jun. – Sep.
Takeno Fishing Port

Couples can try on kimonos made with fine Tango chirimen silk crepe together!

Hands-on experience with authentic silk (Tango chirimen), wearing a kimono and taking photos

Hands-on experience with authentic silk (Tango chirimen), wearing a kimono and taking photos

Kimono / Yukata Experience

The Kyotango region is renowned for its authentic textiles known as Tango chirimen. Try on a splendid locally made kimono and enjoy various experiences such as strolling the streets of Kyotango or taking photos in natural settings.

Period offered
Inn & Fine Dining Totoya

Enjoy a relaxing time sipping sake

Try delicious sake brewed right here in “Kyoto by the Sea”

Try delicious sake brewed right here in
“Kyoto by the Sea”

Sake Experience

We offer a lineup of local sake lovingly crafted by Kyotango brewers, which you can enjoy tasting and comparing. Sake lovers will be in paradise! Enjoy this experience unique to Totoya.

Period offered
Inn & Fine Dining Totoya

Fun for the whole family, memories you’ll always treasure!

Feel like a professional sushi chef

Feel like a professional sushi chef

Sushi-Making with Fresh-Caught Fish Experience

Fishermen in Kyotango use a traditional method of fishing with a net fixed in place, and in this special plan, you wake up early, get on a fishing boat, and watch fishermen haul in the net. Then you make that freshly caught fish into nigiri sushi and eat it for breakfast. Enjoy both making and feasting on the freshest sushi around, using as much as you like of your favorite ingredients!

Period offered
Apr. – Sep.
Takeno Fishing Port
Inn & Fine Dining Totoya
To Kyotango Ryugu Project site

Natural scenery

Our inn is located inside San’in Kaigan Geopark, part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, and the scenery is truly spectacular. We’re sure you’ll be delighted, and will want to take plenty of pictures!


It’s easy to make reservations on the Internet (Totoya does not accept reservations by phone).
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Totoya received a TripAdvisor Certificate
of Excellence in 2016

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Comments from guests

Nothing makes us happier than messages from our guests.
At Totoya, messages of encouragement and gratitude from our valued guests are what keep us going strong. We keep a blog featuring guests that have stayed with us as well. Moving forward, we will continue connecting our guests with unforgettable new experiences.


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566,Taiza,Tango-cho,Kyotango City, Kyoto Pref.,Japan


Totoya is located in Kyotango in the north of Kyoto Prefecture,
two hours from Kyoto City and two and a half hours from Osaka City.

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JR Kyoto JR Sanin Line65min JR Ayabe JR Sanin Line8min JR Fukuchiyama Kyoto Tango Railway75min Amino

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Heartfelt hospitality and hands-on experiences

Seaside Inn & Fine DiningTotoya

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